S.K.H. St. Peter's Church Shan King Estate Kindergarten


About Us

School Mission
Offering a complete pre-primary service with the love of Christ and encouraging student-oriented, creative and interactive learning to achieve the goal of holistic education.

Year of Establishment
1983 ( we are the second kindergarten operated by Castle Peak St. Peter's Church )

Qualification of Teachers
Excellent teaching qualifications for teachers at school with all kindergarten teachers 100% trained and accredited with professional English and Mandarin teachers .

Teaching Mode and Arrangement
1.To adopt the student-based teaching methodology with group teaching and project approach and offer a comprehensive learning experience through different learning modes inside and outside the classroom.
2.To stress on nurturing the language ability of the students and promote the teaching of bi-literacy and tri-lingualism.
3.To enhance the language abilitiy and interest of the pupils.
4.To use computer software as a supplement to existing teaching and learning strategies to help students enhance their understanding of newly information technology.

To nuture the pupils on their abilities in different varieties and their artistic values, there are curriculums on physical exercises, dance, music and art to enhance their all-round developments and explore and develop their interest on art with creativity and cooperation.

Learning Activities
Design different activities according to themes:
1.There are Mid-autmn Lantern Party, barbeque, hotpot, environmental activities, fashion show and Lunar New Year fair, to name but a few.
2.There are visits to Public Riding School, McDonald’s restaurant, fire station, theme park, supermarket, library, post office, Road Safety Town and flower appreciation outside the school.
3.There are communal activites for the pupils to participate into including various events held by community groups within the district to nurture pupils on their interest of learning and deepen the understanding of the communities so as to widen their living world.

Interest Activites
There are Grasshopper Scout, dancing group, children's drawing group, singing group and instrumental group in the curriculum to explore the development of children in their multiple intelligences.

Spiritual Formation
As an Anglican school we place great emphasis on the spiritual growth of our students.  In order to help the parents and the students develop together in a meaningful spiritual way, the religious teachers coordinate family visits, organise family fellowship and run the children’s Sunday school, as well as implementing the school's religious education programme.